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As I sped round wildflower banks on my bike, in tandem with swifts and swallowtails I got to thinking again about my favourite words. And again I came up with:



Because it is full of promise; because it is wild; because it is English; because it is becoming an endangered thing; because it is fragile; because it's contents are random; because it sings of simply being, for nothing and for no-one....?

And there is always:



Because it is untamable; because it's depths contain colour-secrets; because it is infinite; because it is wet; because it is blue-green; because it reflects the sky; because you can't build on it; because it links continents...?

Those, for whatever reasons, are my two favourite words.

My favourite sentence recently came from Rohinton Mistry's extraordinary novel 'A Fine Balance':

..."His legs swallowed the distance in urgent gulps."

- And my favourite colour is that of new vines back-lit by the Provencal sun. I drink this in every day with my morning coffee.What word could describe this colour best, I wonder?

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Thanks for sharing your horrible mammogram experience - all in a foreign language. I hope you are cancer free.

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