Roland Garros


Reasons I hate the French TV coverage of Roland Garros:

1. Stupid cartoons flashing up in between shots saying "pppsssschiiiiiiittt" .

2. Sepia super-impositions of the eiffel Tower where the net should be.

3. Commentators who have no respect for silence, who wallpaper talk about anything but tennis through rallies and who, above all, are not our beloved Johnny Mac.

4. That bloody Nelson interviewing boring people in suits who run boring companies who fund the tournament whenever play stops for more than 10 seconds.

5. Something called - unfortunately for it - 'pube' whenever we should be resting up with the players admiring their calf muscles and watching them take off their shirts.

6. That bloody Nelson (again) milking the loser seconds after his defeat.

7. Fly on the wall shots of players in the dressing room weeping.

8. That BLOODY Nelson.

The cats were riveted.



Yes, yes, yes!!!!I sat and complained about all of those things this afternoon.Did you notice that Nadal's ankles are the same width as this arms?

TV coverage might not be great... but at least the cats had a good time..

Ah well, at least you got to see some! Your insights I am sure are fair, but we tennisistes would probably have not noticed, merely marvelling at the Nadal western grip etc. Personally, I would have loved to have watched more, but the deserted retreat in Tigmi, Morocco, eschewed coverage. I am sure the best man and woman won on the day.

roger - i wish i were in morocco (love it - want to take julian there if i ever stop touring and wanting holidays at home)it was a great match but only ever a mirror of real life's adventures, no? you would ot have liked Nelson in a Moroccan context....

I can't say that I even watched the coverage, but by your description (without the Eiffel Tower of course) it sounds a lot like American coverage of a football game. Loved this entry!

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