first blush

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People everywhere: Bio dynamic secretaries setting up office in our living room and chaps on breathing apparatus connecting their caravans up to our house; people eating at my breakfast table in the vines…..

The wind having finally dropped, along with my temperature, it was time to celebrate the new spring arrivals. I took two walks - one en famille with Julian and Oscar intensely discussing the plans for the mezzanine, and a second with my camera for meditational - medicinal almost – purposes. In the wild cherry orchard, I sat against the dark bark, in the blush of the new fruit and nestled in the folds of a purple skirt of wildflowers. I closed my eyes and drank in the succulent aromas. As butterflies fluttered, flies flew, bees whirred and a toad squawked I observed fear catching at my breath. As these insects landed on my elbow, face and shins, and departed, having communed briefly with me, I wondered at how much hardness we put up against our gentle fellow creatures because of our fear of being stung. How much of the time, screwed in to our hard protective balls, do we go around just bumping in to each-other?

first blush

As ever, I returned from my brush with nature to the building site, softened towards my fellow beings and happy to receive a slice of the ‘gateau à chanvre’ prepared by one of the workforce.


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