Mothers' Day



We never know what gifts Angels come with.

Recently an Angel dropped from the sky into our lives bearing the gift of a Thing I had always wanted; a Thing without which I had always believed life would be empty and sad. The Angel’s presence allowed the gift, as it was received, to take whichever form it needed, and the gift of one thing transformed into the gift of another. The new gift, it seems, may be to have and to make the choice to be happy and fulfilled without the Thing.

The gift was love.

(No, the Thing was not a Spider)

Today is Mother’s Day. So I raise a bouquet of ‘immortelles’ in a pastis glass to all mothers everywhere, to my little furry kits whose mother I am, and to Angels.



Leo says... Very nice - really - to see you both just now.... and on such great form too.. The peeled broad bean, pea and rocket salad enters the archives in a major capacity...

Every woman is a mother, whether or not she has born a child...It is the mother in us that makes us compassionate and sensitive, caring and nurturing, giving and generous.The mother in us bestows on us a bond with all women and with every child on this earthWe do not own our children, we bring them forth with love and we hope that this love will reach out to the worldHappy Mother's Day Ruth

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