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A quick logo Julian whipped up over breakfast for the Morandi Ensemble playing in Domaine de Mourchon at the end of the month:


‘What interests me the most is expressing what's in nature, in the visible world, that is.’ (Giorgio Morandi)

Whilst visiting the Morandi museum in Bologna last year, I was brought to tears by the simplicity of the shapes, and the humility with which one of Julian's favourite artists seemed - even though he apparently went to complicated lengths to make us feel this simplicity - to be following them. So often we interfere with the shape of the music like a painter interferes with the shape of his subject. We dare not let it speak for itself less we do not impress and thus it becomes MY phrase or MY apple rather than the phrase or the apple. The latter is something a person can relate to; the former is not.

In Salzburg last year, over fine wine, parmesan and truffle oil, my colleagues and I discussed our struggle with this question and our aspirations to simply (and this takes a tremendous amount of form and discipline) follow the musical line. Rather than more talking about how we were not able to practice this enough in our professional lives, we decided to play; to put on some concerts in and around the vineyards of Provence. This is our début!

In case you are anywhere near, the second concert is on the 28th April at a restaurant in Venasque.

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On Friday 27th, I'll visit Morandi at the AGNSW and listen in spirit!...

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