Lavender Harvest



They are just beginning the lavender harvest on the other side of the Mont Ventoux, at Sault. The route was crawling with cyclists doing the mountain in advance of their cher Lance, so it took a while to reach the summit before dropping down in to the purple sea. Luckily we forgot to bring any money with us so we were not seduced by the heady scent in to losing the day to a boozy lunch as we have been in the past.




I love lavender
I firmly believe that, in my days of maximum stress, it was my lavender oils that kept me semi-sane, or at least functioning!
How lovely to be close to the lavender fields!
All I can manage now is a few sprigs, plucked from the bushes on the office roof garden and crushed between my fingers as I patrol cyberspace, but they transport me
back to France

Will there be paintings of lavender soon? I do hope so

Glorious! I can imagine the number of butterflies and bees there must be among all that lavender.

Sadly I can't seem to find pure lavender oil, for my bath, here in Tuscany. The upside of that is my husband no longer gets to comment that I smell like fly spray!

And yes, I look forward to the lavender painting too.

hello mouse and robyn. there have already been four lovely lavender paintings. there may be more....

I planted some lavender here in New Hampshire, since I can't be in France for it. I hope the plants grow.
Sounds good for stress relief.
Some year we'll be there when the lavender blooms.

Thanks for sharing these. I so hope to get back to France soon. I can't imagine the scent as we have a couple plants and they are wonderful. Best to you and Julian. I get to paint Zug Island!

but and how stephen!

Hi Ruth
I am thinking more of a painting of a pot of lavender in full, glorious bloom...

(turns round to smile at her beloved Julian paintings)

Hi Ruth!

By looking at your nice photos, I appreciate even more the artistic vision of Julian of these same landscapes.


Hi. Im in Paris for the month of August and I would really really like to see the lavender harvest. I just want to be enveloped by those beautiful purple fields. Where is the closest spot from Paris? Ive been told Provence is a good place to visit for lavender but is there anything closer to Paris? Thanks so much!

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