A Painter's Garden


painters garden

We have been offered a little bit of land to use by Monsieur Chauvet Junior. They are his peaches, apricots and cherries that appear so often on Julian's
paintings and, low and behold, he turns out to be an amateur painter who has promptly 'fallen in admiration' with Julian's work. It only seems fitting, then, that we should plant a Potager du Peintre, growing things that will find their way onto little Provençal postcards and remind Monsieur (while he is busy packing spices in bottles for Ducros) of the lovely terrain where he hopes to retire. Then of course the vegetables will make their way to our soups and salads.

The first step today was to try and develop some good soil. Here is our somewhat improvised recipe:

1. Round up the oak chippings from the builder, the cut grass from next door, horse manure from the neighbours and our own rotting peelings.
2. Plonk them on the land.
3. Attempt to cover during a fierce mistral wind.
4. Let them simmer under the lid for a Provençal summer.
5. Turn on some loud music and invite the worms to party.

As you can see I have only managed one row and I have a very burnt nose.

chauvets peaches2


Delightful... your taste buds are spoiled by the wonderous assemblies you harvest.

We're pretty good at gardening after years of practice. You might want to start some compost heaps also.
We'll be in Provence the end of August into September, maybe we'll be able to look you up. We might be traveling with a couple of French friends on our way to Brittany and then to Paris. But we'll be staying for a week with friends near Avignon.

hi zuleme, yes a compost heap is definitly on the cards. give us a ring when you are near avignon. we may be on our holiday. not sure yet when or where....

I don't see how Julian can stand to paint them without eating them. The peaches look as lovely as the one's we have here in Georgia. www.doncokerart.com/blog

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