There must be something about completion in the stars this month. There was (and will be) the baby. I got my third draft back from the divine V and I think I'm almost there, and then there's this:


Ten minutes ago Julian sold the last of the special Edition de TĂȘte, Postcard from Provence book. We now have the funds to go to press and bring this beautiful thing into being. We have a dummy book on the table which is all silky and gorgeous. Pre-sales will be available here starting next week. Keep your eyes peeled and spread the word! It is going to be gorgeous!

Oh, and it looks like, as Julian does the final tweaks to the plumbing in the guest bathroom this week, we may have the first completely finished (and exquisite) room in the house.


hey, good news!

Hope we'll get to see some photos
of the beautiful guest bath!


Is it a case of: "if you need to ask the price, you can't afford it?"
I would love to pre-order, but have to ask for at least a ballpark figure!

hi ruth,

the idea is to make the book as affordable as possible, with the possibility of a gift card arriving in time for the holidays, and i hope you will all be pleasantly surprised. pre-sales coming up very soon so keep an eye on

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