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Julian, having worked on a larger painting all day, went upstairs to the studio at about 4 o' clock, with an adorable hand crafted wooden spoon inherited from his previous apartment in Crillon le Brave, a jar of raisins (used to make our organic granola), some cinnamon, an orange and a bottle of vanilla essence I bought back from the Antilles. He came down with this.


I've read that Matisse once asked his wife to pose for a portrait and spent over 80 hours (and many sessions) painting her. At the end, when she saw the painting that was quite beautiful but was certainly not a portrait and looked only vaguely like her, she wept.
I doubt you wept, but you certainly might wonder what happened to that adorable wooden spoon.
The brush, however, is rendered beautifully.

What can I say .... HE DOES GOOD WORK ... do we think he ate the rasins and the orange ?


two marvelous images; congratulations to you both!

Well, inspiration does act in mysterious ways! A lovely painting...

Hi, Julian,

I have been enjoying your work for nearly a year now, saving most of the images to my "art inspiration" file, gathering much inspiration for my large acrylic paintings. I am frantically getting ready for a solo show which i am scheduled to hang in about two weeks at the Spellman Library Gallery of the Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Washington, USA. the big opening night party is scheduled for January 7, 6 to 8 p.m.

This past Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, and it has changed my life. I do not paint at all like Picasso, and yet I found an amazing connection with the works. I am encouraged to continue growing and changing my approach to the Work I am doing. Especially relating to not painting for anyone but my self, not to make necessarily decorative things, but meaningful works, which get people to think, and maybe change their perspective, etc. Getting very political. After all, somebody has to do it!

Thank you for all you do, and especially for your little notes. Your experiences are not so different from mine after all, even though i am not in the lovely part of the world where you are. I wish i too lived in the south of France, but I live here, in the back of beyond. Since i have only here, I am painting that. Now I am painting ideas too, and maybe someday i too can help change the world.

Hoping if you get bored you might check out my web page, soon to be updated with the new photos.

cheers, Lindell


Incredible trompe l'oeil; I was really quite confused for a while!

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