Bali coffee

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After filling up the Honda from the Absolut Vodka bottle we took an early morning tour on little roads, ending in coffee in a thatched hut overlooking this....


Though we have become adventurous with our morning fruit salads, eating all sorts of strange spiny slippery prickly beasties, we do not yet dare to taste Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, which was described to us as made from a bean eaten, digested and pooed out by a big cat. Cat poop coffee! What a thought! Maybe later....

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"Cat poop coffee!" I can imagine the furry mob back at home are going to laugh for days at THAT story. "Hey! Here, make some coffee outta' dis!" (chorus of laughs and giggles coming from window sills, behind couches and disappearing down a lane of vines) "tee-hee".

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