The first day in Ubud


julian bali.jpg

Our first beer had to be in the Lotus cafe, a place to which we had both been separately in our single lives and wanted to revisit. In front of us lilies lounged on the pond with their floating jewels of dew shimmering in the storm-light. Beyond the pond offerings were being placed on the steps of the temple. Above Starbucks (ouch) to our left, the gamelan were chiming away warming up for the evening performance at the palace.

Julian is happy with his new garden, with its greens all tufty, velvety, spiky and lush. I have had my first massage, got the number of a meditation teacher and located the yoga place in the middle of the rice paddies. Someone makes a gentle call to prayer in the palm trees at dusk and I am bitten to death by mosquitoes on the terrace listening to it. Things are looking good.


Ruth, I am happy to hear you are going to bring home the newest member of your family. I know it has been a long and arduous process. Thank you for sharing your lives. Enjoy your trip.

I'm still trying to get over the shock of a Starbucks in UBUD.
It's been a very long time since I was there...
but is sounds as is if it is still a magical place.


There was a phenomenal difference between Ubud in 1997 and Ubud in 1992. I don't think I even dare contemplate what it must be like now!

Glad to hear that the Lotus Cafe is still going - but what's the state of the lotus growth? Is Ary's Warung still there as well?

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