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The sound of bells and bleating is a delicious accompaniment to our first al fresco coffee of the season!

The transhumance passes outside my window almost every day at this time of year, the flock looking for fresh pastures before it makes its way up the mountain for the spring. Mostly the sheep seem interested in the field we are about to buy and they are doing an excellent job of keeping the weeds down while we wait for the process to complete.

We are expecting to sign the compromis de vente next week and had a wine maker friend over for dinner last night to discuss what we might do. We started talking about how we might go about making a small quantity of boutique C�tes du Ventoux on the freshly chewed plot and then wondered if that was not a contradiction in terms. C�tes du Ventoux is, apparently, so hier...

Meanwhile I have uncovered the second batch of soil in the painter's potager. After two years of it sweating under black plastic and Renault loads of horse poo, I was disappointed to see that the couch grass is still present and the no dig method which I had hoped to employ will have to wait. Let's hope the skies stay crisp and bright and the sheep music continues to keep my spade and I company in the coming days.

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On a matter of English it should be "my spade and ME not I
Sorry to be pedantic!!

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