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Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard



Whilst I would love to be picnicking under the cherry blossom -as wedding fresh and pompommish as I can ever remember in this extraordinary spring - I am actually calculating spine width for Lighning Source and trying to figure out whether to pack 6 or 12 month bodies or both for a little chap who, three months ago, weighed 4.8 kilos and measured 54 centimetres because...

After a somewhat overly long gestation period on both counts, I am thrilled to announce the fruition of two projects that are dear to our hearts and inextricably linked.

THE FIRST is the publication of my book, ‘Cherries from Chauvet’s Orchard’. A memoir that tells the story of the birth of Postcard from Provence, our life in France, the life of the paintings after they leave us and our own journey towards making a family.

cover 1004.jpg

…AND THE SECOND is that our wait for a child is over. We leave on Wednesday for Mali to pick up our son, Louis Joseph. He was born on October the 12th 2010 and is being looked after in a private orphanage in Bamako. We do not know much except his age (6 months) but we are told he smiles a lot and that his primary emotion on meeting new people is one of joy. We will stay in Mali for ten days or so and then we will bring him home to our tumbledown house in Provence, just in time for pur�ed cherries.

‘Cherries from Chauvet’s Orchard’ will be available from June 1st from Adeleide to Anchorage, Tijuana to Timbuctoo, as a mass-market paperback and Kindle ebook (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters and all major retailers for $16.95/ �11.95/�10.95 paperback and sub ten dollars for the Kindle version). You can see a preview of the book here:

Meanwhile, however, in the Hameau des Couguieux, we are producing a special edition, which will help raise funds for the orphanage in Bamako.

Cherries from Chauvet’s Orchard - Special Edition
The Special Edition is limited to 300 numbered copies in presentation slipcases, signed by both myself and Julian. We will receive the presentation cases the week of May 9th (the books are already printed) and will be posting them out in the last week of May. Price $35 (�22/�25)

You can order a copy here.