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The first cherry


Today I went for a very nice walk with my parents and ate my first cherry. It was a bit sour and made me pull a funny face.

louis cherries 1.jpg

louis cherries2.jpg

louis cherries3.jpg

louis cherries4.jpg

louis cherries5.jpg




I would love to be writing reams every day. There is so much to say about what we have been through, in Bamako, coming home...but as all you parents out there know, there are very few moments when you have one hand free let alone two and there's that infinite mound of washing to do. However, I couldn't resist putting these up. Here is Jeremy gathering the sand from the cave to make the fa�ade for our house, and here is our beloved son Louis in his fa�ade- coloured jumpsuit. I'm thinking modelling for Petit Bateau...?

I am very grateful we finished the book the morning we flew to Mali, even if it meant improvising a baby room when we returned with a tired new baby. Now all that remains is to enjoy him.