I would love to be writing reams every day. There is so much to say about what we have been through, in Bamako, coming home...but as all you parents out there know, there are very few moments when you have one hand free let alone two and there's that infinite mound of washing to do. However, I couldn't resist putting these up. Here is Jeremy gathering the sand from the cave to make the fa�ade for our house, and here is our beloved son Louis in his fa�ade- coloured jumpsuit. I'm thinking modelling for Petit Bateau...?

I am very grateful we finished the book the morning we flew to Mali, even if it meant improvising a baby room when we returned with a tired new baby. Now all that remains is to enjoy him.



Many, many blessings to you and your family! He's extraordinary!

Such twinkly eyes! He is obviously a radiantly happy baby - and I am so happy for you all!

A right rascal with that grin! He knows just how lucky he is... now let's see, a hand (at least) for the cello... a hand for the computer... a hand... I wonder why they haven't tried crossing a human and an octopus yet? Spring, what a wonderful time for arrival.

May the beauty of this miracle dance across your long futures.

Huge congratulations for the lovely result of your long gestation.
It looks as if he is settling in just fine - how are the cats reacting to the new family member?

Wishing you and your husband many years of health and happiness with your new son.

What a lovely photo of a lovely little boy. Can't wait to see him soon

Absolument craquant !
Impossible de r�sister � un tel sourire !
Plein de belles choses...pour vous trois....................................................................

He is absolutely adorable!

Bring him to Bali! Bon chance!

How wonderful. Louis's sweet face says it all. Warmest congratulations! And take very good care of yourselves and each other - building work going on around a newly arrived baby can't be easy.

What a joy to see this long-awaited cheery guy! We're so happy for you - thought of you as we were in the area on Monday.
Cheers from Aix en Provence

What a gorgeous portrait this is, what a smile !
I am so pleased that your long wait is finally over. The three of you adjusting to a new life certainly won't be easy every day but a smile like this shows you're off to a good start.
My very best wishes for the grand new adventure you've embarked on.

Such an endearing, bright smile! Congratulations to all three of you for hard work well done! My very best wishes for your happiness. I'm sure it will be a lovely adventure unfolding for you, challenging at times, but well worth the riches of love and family.

Hello~ The last photo says everything! I was a little concerned because the paintings came to a halt in mid May on Jullian's site. A new book AND a new baby, yes, absolutely everything is fine.

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