The first cherry


Today I went for a very nice walk with my parents and ate my first cherry. It was a bit sour and made me pull a funny face.

louis cherries 1.jpg

louis cherries2.jpg

louis cherries3.jpg

louis cherries4.jpg

louis cherries5.jpg


How could no one comment yet on this set of such beautiful photos? Well I shall then (humph) I am again struck by how wonderful the closeness that baby carrying device must instill (if perhaps a wee dangerous for those of us with dodgy backs)... I always wonder why so many (in the cities at least) seem to opt for the Airbus 380 size military command and control baby tanks which they then insist on jamming into every part of a bus and shin available (and those tanks seem to multiply and seek out each others company... someday pushing all non parents into the street). What beautiful light, and the handsomest cat... he is a Lucky Louis he is, with his horizontally striped outfit he could be an exotic ladybug!. His Dad is too lucky to even mention... but looks like he knows it.

Quel beau printemps nous avons, et quel magnifique printemps vous avez tous les trois !
Je vois que m�me Oscar ne perd pas ses bonnes habitudes et aime toujours autant vous accompagner lors de vos balades !
bises et � tr�s bient�t

Oh,my! You could just eat him up. I'd be kissing those cheeks until he yelled "stop!" How adorable and congratulations. I know Mommy and Daddy are "over the moon."
I hope Julian's next self-portrait is smiling! It should be.
To the glory of God!

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