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Since arriving in England (between performances of The Magic Flute, not very much sleep, poos, feeds, nappy changes, the odd mass market cherry from this strange beast called Waitrose and missing our beloved cherry seller on the Route du Mont Ventoux) we have been knee deep in special editions of my book, 'Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard'. The books arrived from the printers with creased spines and had to be re-ordered, then the slip cases were too tight so feet of ribbon had to be bought from John Lewis, inserted and glued in to each case with UHU.....but they are now packed and sent! Can we breathe, finally? I know most parents amongst you will chuckle and say no.

Though there are still some of the special edition available, now begins the mammoth task of trying to spread the word about the mass market edition, published through Lightning Source and available from us and from and If you have read it and if you like it, please consider telling a friend or writing a review on Amazon. It really does make all the difference.

Meanwhile, we have a wonderful blurb from the writer Dean King which will appear on the back cover of this edition.

“In Cherries from Chauvet’s Orchard, cellist Ruth Phillips makes music with words, capturing on the page what her painter husband, Julian Merrow-Smith, does on canvas—a way of life that is achingly romantic yet not romanticized, that is earthbound yet exquisite, and one where sweat is rewarded with transcendence. As the couple struggles to build their home out of a farm ruin beneath the shadow of Mt. Ventoux and to make a living and life together, Julian must harness his muse. In a modern-day twist in this ancient place of luscious colors and cuisine, it is the worldwide web that changes their life. This is a true story of talent, ingenuity, and success against the odds, of pathos, passion, and humor. You won’t put it down.”

--Dean King, author of Skeletons on the Zahara and Unbound


I've ordered my copy from
Because I'd forgotten M. Chauvet's name,
I searched using yours. People should
be aware that at this point, you're
No. 49 on a list of 50. Using the title,
it pops up right away. Looking forward to
a wonderful read.

My amazon mass market copy arrived promptly but I was disappointed to find no images to remind me of the particular postcard referred to in each chapter. Does your special edition include these?

Apart from that I am enjoying reading the book in minutes stolen from writing...

Hello Ruth,

No the special edition is signed and numbered and has a slip case but the text is the same. I took courage in both hands as a d´┐Żbut writer and decided that if my words did not speak for themselves then the book wasn't a good book. without the prop of Julian's paintings the journey has been quite terrifying but I am very happy with the result, finally! I so hope you will be too. If something amazing happens of course the illustrated deluxe edition will appear in due course so spread the word if you like it!

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