"Ruth Phillips... has been through a deep personal journey into the nature of the psychology - one might say spirituality - of performance. As a result of this journey with her students and her study of Indian and other musical disciplines she now has a highly valuable lesson to offer to all who approach her; a lesson much needed in the current climate, and to my knowledge, a unique one."

Jonathan Harvey (MA, Ph.D, D.MUS, FRCM), composer.

Ruth Phillips is a cellist, teacher and workshop leader.In addition to a masters degree in music performance from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Ruth has an MA in 'Voice-Movement-Therapy' from the Academy of Contemporary Research in Montana, USA. Having studied jazz, folk, African and Indian singing and instrumental styles, and with her experience in yoga, Alexander Technique and various forms of dance she is sought after as an innovative and exciting teacher and workshop leader.